Post-Lottery Anthony Davis Destinations

By: Ben Meyerson | Find me on twitter @BenMeyersonSN

Even after winning the lottery Anthony Davis still wants to be traded from New Orleans and now the Pelicans are going to build around Zion Williamson. As David Griffin and the Pelicans try to build around Williamson lets take a look at potential Anthony Davis trades.

New York Knicks


Knicks Acquire: Anthony Davis

Pelicans Acquire: 2019 1st-round pick (3rd overall pick), Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson, Dallas 2021 1st-round pick

Anthony Davis wants to play in a big market and it doesn’t get any bigger than New York. With the Knicks falling from 1st overall (highest odds) to 3rd the likelihood that they trade the pick skyrocketed. If the pick stays at 1 they would never trade it and if it goes 2 the consolation prize of Ja Morant would’ve been too enticing to pass up. Adding Davis, along with a star in free-agency, can propel the Knicks from the laughing stock of the league to Eastern Conference contenders.

The Pelicans are going to build around Zion Williamson and by trading Davis they can speed up the process of building a strong young-core. Pairing Zion with RJ Barrett (Pelicans take him 3rd overall) makes too much sense, they’ve been playing together already and off-court the two are best friends. Adding Knox and Robinson gives you to a potential starting five of:

  • PG Jrue Holiday
  • SG RJ Barrett
  • SF Kevin Knox
  • PF Zion Williamson
  • C Mitchell Robinson

The Pelicans would go from team with Zion and some pieces to a young-core that teams will fear for years to come.

Los Angeles Lakers


Lakers Acquire: Anthony Davis

Pelicans Acquire: 2019 1st-round pick (4th overall), Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, 2021 1st-round pick (Top-5 protected)

The Lakers have (for the most part) imploded since signing LeBron James and they haven’t appeared to have an actual plan for the future besides

  • LeBron + Cap Space + Sunny Weather = Championship

From the decision to sign free-agents who didn’t fit with LeBron, trading Zubac (a quality back-up big) for nothing, the whole trade-deadline mess, Magic’s abrupt departure and the Ty Lue hire/non-hire the Lakers do NOT deserve Anthony Davis. The only reason the Lakers are in a position to trade for Davis now is because they lucked into the fourth overall pick.

Unfortunately for the Lakers they may have already blown their chance to acquire AD at the trade-deadline. The Lakers offered the Pelicans this package at the trade deadline

The Pelicans “did not respond” to this deal and the idea that they would be open to a similar package now doesn’t make sense. The Lakers can’t offer much else besides LeBron James himself and that doesn’t seem likely. Also, David Griffin (former Cavs GM 2014-2017) doesn’t seem interested in trading Davis at all and the idea that he would want to trade Davis to LA seems unlikely at best.

Boston Celtics


Celtics Acquire: Anthony Davis 

Pelicans Acquire: Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, 2019 Sacramento 1st-round pick (14th overall), 2019 Los Angeles (Clippers) 1st-round pick (20th overall) 2020 Memphis 1st-round pick

The Celtics have been dreaming of acquiring Anthony Davis for years now, its the reason they didn’t try to trade for Paul George, Kawhi Leonard or any other available star. While AD has been their guy for the trade seems more and more unlikely as they might be unwilling to give up Jayson Tatum. If the Pelicans want to look more toward the future than the Celtics are the best suitor for a Davis trade. While, the Celtics can’t offer high picks in this years draft they can allow the Pelicans to have assets they can either use or trade in the future.

Boston acquiring Davis could help them to convince Kyrie to stay and they would be the most fearsome duo in the East. If Kyrie leaves Boston still has the assets to acquire another big player to play alongside Davis. Either way for Boston they get the guy they’ve always wanted.

Honorable Mentions

Philadelphia 76ers

76ers Acquire: Anthony Davis

Pelicans Acquire: Ben Simmons, 2021 1st-round pick

The idea is simple here, pair Davis and Embiid and DOMINATE. The potential for a Davis-Embiid tandem would terrify the rest of the league creating devastating mismatches. If the Sixers decide that Embiid and Simmons can’t work together this would be a great option for them moving forward. This all depends on Philadelphia deciding that their current roster just won’t be able to ever win.

Houston Rockets

Rockets Acquire: Anthony Davis 

Pelicans Acquire: Clint Capela, Eric Gordon, 2020 1st-round pick, 2022 1st-round pick

Daryl Morey is no stranger to acquiring big players when his team seemingly has no options to improve. This would propel Houston to favorites for the NBA title next year. With Kevin Durant potentially leaving Golden State and Houston’s playoff collapse, Morey may want to capitalize on his opportunity to take the west. The potential of a James Harden, Chris Paul , Anthony Davis core would be infinite.




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