How Klay Thompson Goes to the Lakers…

By Ben Meyerson

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Klay Thompson is a free agent this summer and back in October according to USA Today it was looking like he was gonna be in Golden State next season:

“Several reports have said that Thompson wants to stay with the Warriors, but ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported that Thompson isn’t expected to take any discounts. Thompson has no plans to take a discount, and the Warriors don’t expect him to, league sources say.”


So it looked like Klay was gonna get paid and the Warriors would likely sacrifice some bench pieces, maybe Draymond Green at worst and things would be fine in Golden State. That new team is still; Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins, which would still wreak havoc in the west. Even if Anthony Davis goes to L.A., the Lakers would lose a lot of assets in the trade and be stripped down too AD and LeBron and against the Warriors who knows if they win in the playoffs.

But, what if Klay goes to Los Angeles? He easily could, his contract is up this season and the Warriors won’t have enough cap room to keep everyone. Okay but he loves the Warriors, he also grew up watching his dad Mychal Thompson play for the Lakers. Also, the Lakers have to cap room to make it work and more. Even with all of this, Klay fits with the Warriors and the Lakers only have LeBron right now.

So apparently if AD is a Laker and the Warriors wanna save money (which they desperately need to do), Klay would bee interested in the Lakers. This changes things dramatically against the Warriors these Lakers could defiantly win a playoff series. You have Klay for Steph, LeBron for KD and AD for Boogie. The other interesting stipulation in all of this is that DeMarcus Cousins is signed for 1 year/$5.3 million under the mid level exception, which means he can only sign for 120% of the contract he signed (money wise). Boogie can only sign a $6.3 million dollar deal (well below his market price) so who knows where everyone will be when the dust settles.


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