Overreaction Sunday Week 4 NFL- It Ain’t Close Except for OT and Last Second TDs

By: Ben Meyerson
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Here is a breakdown of every game on Sunday:

  • Philadelphia Eagles at Tennessee Titans (+3)
  • Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts (-1)
  • Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers (-9.5)
  • Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (-3)
  • New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars (-7.5)
  • Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots (-6.5)
  • Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons (-3.5)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (-3)
  • Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (+3)
  • Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders (-3)
  • San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Chargers (-10)
  • New Orleans Saints at New York Giants (+3)
  • Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)

Eagles @ Titans (+3): Eagles 23- Titans 26
Last Second OverTime Madness


via NJ News

The Eagles were up 17-3 in the third quarter and the Titans got rolling and the Eagles couldn’t stop them. Even with that they were sloppy, Nelson Agholor had 5 catches on 12 targets with 3 drops and had a bad pass interence call on Sidney Jones on a fourth down. The Eagles are better at home and they shouldn’t take too much from this game, the Titans are better than expected and are hot winning 3 in a row after losing to the Dolphins week 1.

The Titans came up and came up big, besides losing to Miami in one of the weirdest games in NFL history with it lasting 7 hours and then losing Delanie Walker in that game for the season. In OT Mariota and the Titans were clutch converting three 4th downs on their las drive that eventually led to the Corey Davis TD that won them the game. They were able to come back when they were down 2 scores in the third and showed how resilient they were.

Texans @ Colts (-1): Texans 37- Colts 34
The Colts are just stupid, really stupid


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Before we get to the Colts lets examine how the Texans escaped what could’ve been an embarrassing tie. The Texans were up 28-10 with 6:39 left in the third and they almost blew it, the Colts caught up and the Texans should’ve put away this game way earlier. I worry about Bill O’Brien, we know how talented this team is they are littered with stars at every level and yet they’re 1-3 and didn’t’t really win they escaped. DeShaun Watson did play much better though throwing for 375 yards and 2 TDs with 1int.

What was Frank Reich thinking, not even the play by play people knew, everyone (including the Colts) were baffled, it was tied with under a minute in OT to go and it was fourth down in their own territory and they went for it. PUNT!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUNT! Take the tie and walk home with your head held up high. Instead they went for it, didn’t get it and didn’t get it and gave it to the Texans with enough room to get it in field goal range and win the game. After the game, players stood behind their coach but how could you?!? That was idiotic.

Bills @ Packers (+9.5): Bills 0 – Packers 22
The Bills are back down to Earth


via USA Today

The Bills were riding high after beating the Vikings last Sunday and they came back down to Earth, this is the Bills team we all expected. Josh Allen was sacked 7 times and picked off twice and the offense had 145 total yards. The Bills have a bad roster, in the last few years their stars were either given away for change or just aren’t the same. Josh Allen isn’t bad this is just what a rookie QB looks like on the worst roster in the NFL. They should be focused on developing Josh Allen this season and getting  high draft pick to help him.

The Packers are back, after losing a bizarre game to Washington last week Aaron Rodgers still doesn’t look 100% with his knee, but Aaron Rodgers not at 100% is still Aaron Rodgers. He threw for nearly 300 yards (298) and a touchdown. The defense and Aaron Jones were the highlights of this game. Jones only had 65 yards but with 11 carries averaging 5.9 YPC. The defense was stellar getting 7 sacks and 2 picks, showing they can control the game.

Lions @ Cowboys (-3): Lions 24- Cowboys 26
The Lions Offense is Good, but Zeke is Better


via USA Today

The Lions didn’t lose this game because of their offense, they showed out scoring 24 on the road. They had bad plays like stopping the Cowboys on third down and they were offside, then the offense came back and had a late touchdown that the Cowboys immediately answered with a game winning field goal. Golden Tate and Kerryon Johnson showed out with Johnson averaging 6.1 yards per carry and Tate scoring 2 touchdowns with 132 yards. They just blew it, drive after drive and it caught up to them.

On the other hand Dallas was great highlighted by DeMarcus Lawrence getting a career-high 3 sacks and Ezekiel Elliot with 240 total yards and a touchdown. Zeke was also the leader in reception yards on the day getting 35 more than anyone else on Dallas. Also people were skeptical when they let go of their star kicker Dan Bailey, but Maher came in and stupid up hitting the game winning field goal. Dallas is now 2-2 and the NFC East appears wide open.

Jets @ Jaguars (-7.5): Jets 12 – Jaguars 31
Bortles is a QB1? YAH HE IS


via NJ.com

The Jets struggled on both sides of the ball and this game was a shootout, they weren’t able to get anything going on the best defense on football. They averaged 3.5 yards per play and were held to under 200 total yards. They were down big quick and only ended up running the ball 14 times total. The defense showed some garbage time life getting three turnover late in the game, but the Jags also finished with 503 yards (most given up since 2008). This Jets team isn’t bad but with a defensive head coach their celling is limited.

Bortles played out of his mind this week, he finished 29-38 with 388 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 pick. Even with Leonard Fournette getting hurt they were able to run the ball somewhat (mostly killing clock at the end). Dede Westbrook and Donte Moncrief showed out each getting 100+ yards. The defense was stellar getting 3 sacks and allowing less than 200 yards. The Jags needed this after last weeks slug fest against the Titans and with Super Bowl aspirations they need to win these games.

Dolphins @ Patriots (-6.5): Dolphins 7- Patriots 38
Order is restored is the AFC East


via USA Today

The Dolphins were 3-0 and everybody in the national news was losing their minds, asking themselves if the Pats were done. Well, if we look at who the Dolphins played: Titians (7-hour game), Raiders (awful) and Jets (worse), it’s easy to understand why they were 3-0. The Patriots always kill the Dolphins and this was no surprise so while I don’t thin the Dolphins are good, I believe you can’t really judge how good they are after 4 weeks.

The Pats forced two turnovers and also got 474 yards on offense. They got up big early and held on by establishing Sony Michel as a true 1st round pick getting 112 yards and  touchdown. The Pats are good and they start slow, anyone who freaked out is stupid the fact is they get new players every year and every year it takes them a few weeks to figure out what works. Interestingly Josh Gordon looked good and they need to involve him more, when Edelman comes back next week they’ll be able to unleash this offense.

Bengals @ Falcons (-3.5): Bengals 37 – Falcons 36
Last Second TD for the win!


via Cincinnati Enquirer

This game was a shootout and I usually wouldn’t trust Andy Dalton in shootouts, but he proved he can hang. He ended up throwing for 337 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 pick, the offense was rolling and everyone thought that John Ross would be the number 2 receiver but Tyler Boyd has emerged getting another 100 yard game. Boyd finished with 11 catches and is truly a great number along side A.J. Green who caught the game winning TD. If the Bengals want the AFC North they need to get wins like this on the road.

The Falcons defense blew it again and this week it was letting A.J. Green get a last second TD after seemingly stalling the Bengals. The Falcons should be worried, they are 1-3 in a highly competitive NFC South and they may be too far gone. Their offense looked great and they were able tot throw all over the Bengals with Matt Ryan getting 419 yards and 3 touchdowns, but they can’t lose last second games and they clearly need to finish stronger.

Buccaneers @ Bears (-3): Bucs 10- Bears 48
Blowout Alert!


via Boston Herald

Dirk Koetter after the game said “We should fire everybody, including me”, it was that bad. A QB everyone was down on was able to set a TD record for his franchise and the game was over before the end of the 1st quarter. There isn’t much to say about this game the Bears are 3-1 and control the NFC North, the hype is real and before today the only thing holding them back was Mitchell Trubisky and today he was the x-factor. Also Khalil Mack is amazing and already has 5 forced fumbles.

The Bucs aren’t as good as we thought, they held it close against Pittsburg but unfortunately today was bad, real bad. Fitzmagic was dead and Jameis is back, most thought he wouldn’t be in any game until after next weeks bye but things change. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 2 picks and the offense didn’t score a TD until the fourth quartet in garage time, the Bucs simply have a lot to figure out.

Seahawks @ Cardinals (+3) Seahawks 20 – Cardinals 17
The Rosen One! (almost)


via AZ Central

It was heartbreaking to watch Josh Rosen get the Seahawks in field goal range to win the game them miss the kick and then the Seahawks get the field goal to win the game, all within a few minutes. The Cardinals actually used David Johnson today and he had 20 touches for the first time this season. Unfortunately this is only one of the Cardinals few win-able games this season, they have a bad roster a rookie coach and QB and shouldn’t have high expectations this season.

The Seahawks are 2-2, barley, and beat a really bad team narrowly. They were able to establish the run getting 171 yards on the ground, but this game led to Earl Thomas breaking his leg and potentially ending his career. This team has a lot to prove if they wanna hang at the top of the wild card and they can’t rely on last second miracles.

Browns @ Raiders (-3): Browns 42 – Raiders 45
The Battle for Less Misery


via The Mercury

The Browns were seeking their first back to back win since 2014 and they didn’t get it, in their two easiest games of the year they went 1-1 and the hype train should slow down on the Browns. They still have one of the worst head coaches injuries in the league and a rookie QB (as good as he is). The Browns got a first down and were up 8 with less than two minutes left, well they thought they got a first down and instead the ball was re-spotted and they had to punt which led to the game tying TD and eventual game winning field goal. They blew it and the Browns are cursed officially cursed.

Jon Gruden won his first game in 9 years and 10 months and it was weird and against the cursed Browns. Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch balled out, beast mode looked like beast mode and got 130 yards on 20 carries and Carr threw for 437 yards and 4 TDs. They looked not bad, well the defense was abda and it took a last second miracle to not make every talking head ask for Jon Gruden’s head.

49ers @ Chargers (-10): 49ers 27 – Chargers 29


via LA Times 

The 49ers Kyle Shannihan proved how valuable he was today, proving he can hang even without his GQ looking QB. They led early by 14 and because some unfortunate injury and bad player performance they stalled. Bethard looked good but the Chargers were just better today. There’s not too much you can say as far as expectations this season the 49ers  after losing their 2 biggest offseason investments (Jimmy G, Jerrick McKinnon) to the same season ending torn-ACL, they should hunt for a high draft pick not a wild-card spot.

The Chargers looked shaky but they finished out the game and showed how experienced they are. Phillip Rivers is a legit HOFer and Melvin Gordon is on his way to becoming a Charger great, despite the pick by Rivers and fumble by Gordon they held their composure and showed the 49ers who’s boss.

Saints @ Giants (+3): Saints 33 – Giants 18
The Saints are legit and own the NFC South (for now)


via The Advocate

The Saints played an odd game, while their defense struggled early on but eventually figured it out and and kept the Giants out of the end zone when they needed too. Alvin Kamara had a career game scoring 3 TDs and 134 yards averaging 7.1 yards per carry. Also, Taysom Hill has an expanding roll and seems to be a Lamar Jackson type weapon for the Saints. While it wasn’t flashy for Drew Brees he kept the game in check and was able to keep the game out of reach for the Giants.

New York Giants fans are not happy and are getting tired of how bland and predictable the offense is. They should be, for an offensive guru Pat Shurmur isn’t very creative and is often bland and predictable. Their defense wasn’t bad but the offense was so bad it didn’t matter how much the Giants scored. Eli was Captain Check-Down of the S.S.Boring and they need to take shots down the field.

Ravens @ Steelers (-3): Ravens 26 – Steelers 14
The tale of two half’s


via USA Today 

The Ravens got up big quick (14-3) and it looked like they were in control, unfortunately the Steelers came back and were able to out up points and tie the game up at 14 going into the half. Then the Ravens second half team came and oh they were good, really good. Their defense hasn’t allowed a second half TD this season and that trend didn’t end tonight. They also have the 2nd best point differential in the second half (+40) and added to it tonight. They controlled the ball well and ran all over the Steelers finishing with 109 yards and having the ball for 35 minutes of the game.

The Steelers aren’t looking like the Steelers of old, they had no run game, Big Ben Ssruggled at home and their defense was poor at home. They finished with 19 rushing yards the entire game and they were just bad, rally bad. The team couldn’t control the ball and Big Ben threw for less than 60% completion. The Steelers need to get their stuff together and they aren’t even looking like wild card contenders, let alone Super Bowl Contenders.

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